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Feiyu Tech - Aerial Gimbal Mini 3D Pro für GoPro Hero 3/4 und bauähnliche Kameras

Artikelnummer: FPV-2520

Kategorie: FPV-Gimbal

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Mini 3D Pro 3-Achsen Brushless Gimbal 

Optimize on the basis of MINI3D more powerful,with better performance.
Continuous updating brings deep optimization 360 degrees panning control enables gorgeous scenery to be fully realized.

Note: This gimbal can not be used with DJI Phantom 2, because the compass will be interfered by the motors.

2 different gimbal tilting modes available (see tab "Firmware Upgrade")

Rocker Position Mode (Default): 
Position control using a potentiometer or slider 

Rocker Speed Mode (for sticks or potentiometer with spring, just like DJI Phantom 3 or Inspire): 
Speed control, the farther you move out of the neutral position the faster the gimbal will move

The core technology, taking the lead every step 

Magnetic encoder obtains accurate perception attitude changes in each motor.
With advanced motor driver program, sinusoidal wave outputs smoothly and steadily.
With single sensor, it can accurately sense the position relations of the three motors.
With seemless switching axis technique, it brings more smooth operation experience.
With interior limit, can move orderly avoiding wire coiling 

Born with powerful compatibility 

Suitable For Gopro4 / Gopro3+/Gopro3 or the cameras with the similar size(41mmx59mmx21mm, extra LCD is compatible).
Work with Multirotor, fixed wing and helicopters and other aircraft, including DJI phantom.

Born for X-sports demand give you ultimate experience 

Adopt latest FY intelligent solution.
Works once power on without complicated debugging, compatible with many types of the aircraft. 

Quick installation,easy to use 

New design improves the ease of assembly.

Exquisite technology, fine processing 

Aviation aluminum, anodic oxidation, CNC cutting, match the smartphones processing technology 

Material upgrade, leading technology 

Structured with all metal material brings extreme stabilization experience, combined with strong rigidity in both hardware and software makes the best stabilizer ever 
A variety of of working mode, but all the control is at your finger tips 

Multiple modes, switching freely 

Three work modes, arbitrary switching capture every wonderful moment 

Panning Mode: Camera is permitted to pan left or right. Vertical tilts or rolls are restricted. 
Panning and Tilting Mode: Camera is permitted to pan left or right and tilt up and down. Rolls are restricted. 
Lock mode Camera: stays in its current orientation. All panning, tilting and rolls are restricted. 

In the box: 1x Aerial Gimbal Mini 3D Pro

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