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MTO-1806-2300-MK Motor

Artikelnummer: MTO18062300MK

Kategorie: Multicopter Motor/Regler

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MTO-1806-2300-MK Motor

These high quality motors come complete with the Ø4mm prop adapter and pre-fitted Ø2mm bullet connectors as pictured.
They also come with a selection of screws for fitting the prop adapter and fitting the motor to your model.
They have no detectable 'end float' (like some of the alternatives have) which makes for an ultra reliable and super responsive motor. This also helps reduce vibration and operating noise for a much more pleasant flying experience. Your on-board electronics will appreciate this too!!
I use these motors on my own 250 racer and they have far outweighed my expectations.

The following information is taken from the Maytech website:

   Application - RC Multi-copters
   KV(RPM/V) - 2300
   Lipo - 2-3 Cells
   Max.Current - 12A
   NiMh - 5-10 Cells
   Net Weight - 18g
   Shaft - No Output Shaft
   Max.Thrust - 445g
   Max.Power - 100W
   Dimensions - Ø22.5mm × 18.5mm
   No Load Current - 0.2A

incl. Propadapter!!

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